Our Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

EssBee GeoTechnical Ventures Limited – HSE Policy

It is the policy of EssBee GeoTechnical Ventures Limited to carry out its activities in such a manner that guarantees the health and safety of its workers and other stakeholders, the protection of the environment and compliance with all regulatory requirements of the industry.

We consider health, safety and environmental issues very important and assume the responsibilities of providing healthy and safe work environment for our workers as required by law.

Our objective is to minimize the number of cases of occupational accident, illness, damage to property and environmental degradation.

To this end, we:

At all times provide, as far as is reasonable practicable, safe processes and equipment to guarantee accident free operation and adhere to safe work practices.

Provide competent resources and pursue vigorous programmes required to meet the tenets of this policy, continuously improve performance and compliance with statutory and industry standards.

Provide employees with relevant equipment, information, training and supervision required to meet the expectations of this policy.

Manage hazards and dangerous situation in such a way to eliminate accidents and reduce potential damages and sufferings of affected persons.

Our vision to be the world’s best in execution of Geosciences and Hydro-Engineering projects would be achieved through the establishment and implementation of effective business management principles that are consistent with local and international regulations and standards.

We believe that, all accident are practically preventable and that no task is so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely.

It is the responsibility of all staff and other stakeholders working in our firm to strictly adhere to the tenets of this policy and immediately report all incidents and dangerous situation that could jeopardize their well being and those of the company and general public.

This Health, Safety and Environmental policy shall be continually monitored and reviewed on regular basis, particularly when changes occur in our scale and nature of operations and in existing laws and regulations.


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