Rentals, Sales & Other Services

EssBee Geotechnical Ventures Limited – Equipment Rentals & Sales

We offer instruments and equipment on rent for projects on:

• Ground Water Investigations

• Hydrogeologic Impact and Risk Assessments

• Surface and Ground Water Resources Monitoring & Management

• Environmental Impact Assessments

• Geological mappings

• Geotechnical Investigations

• Mineral Explorations

We are also into:

A:.. Sales of geological tools, instruments and manpower training.

Geo Survey Tools





B:.. Down The Hole (DTH) Camera/Video Borehole Investigations to;

  • Assess the status of faulty boreholes to determine possibility of their rehabilitation.

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C:.. Supply and  installation of the following Meteorological instruments and accessories:.

• Rain Gauges (Parameter – Rainfall)

• Anemometers (Wind Speed)

• Wind Vanes (Wind Direction)

• Hygrometers (Humidity)

• Hydrometers (Relative Density)

• Camp Bell Strokes (Sunlight, etc)

• Barometers (Atmospheric Pressure)

• Thermometers (Temperature)

• etc…

D:.. Supply and installation of Stream/River Gauge Station instruments and accessories, Construction of the Gauge Wells, Houses, Data collection, Processing and Reporting & Manpower training. The Instruments include but not limited to:.

 • Staff Gauges

• Water Level Sensors

• Water Level Loggers

• etc…