Down The Hole (DTH) Camera/Video Investigations

Down The Hole (DTH) Camera/Video Investigation of Boreholes to;

  • Assess the status of the borehole in terms of blockage resulting from dropping of submersible pump due to weak coupling joints of riser pipes, power cable and/or marine rope thereby resulting to non- functionality of the borehole.
  • Assess conditions of the screens to know if they are broken thereby resulting to entrance of fine sediments into the borehole and subsequent blockade of screens and pump impellers.
  • Assess other causes of break down such as dislocation of casings and screens at joint(s) which also usually results to entrance of fine sediments into the borehole blocking the pump impellers and may trap the pump in the hole.
  • Determine the Static Water Level (SWL), available total depth and water column of the borehole.
  • Determine possibility of rehabilitation of the borehole.

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