Geophysical Services

EssBee GeoTechnical Ventures Limited – Geophysical Services

* Geophysical Investigations, Interpretations and information for Groundwater Projects, Engineering Designs, Oil & Gas ground bed installations, etc.

* Determination & Measurement of Geologic features such as faults, underlying bedrock(s), discontinuities, voids and Groundwater Aquifers.

* Down-hole Geophysical applications for detailed insight into the subsurface earth materials.

* Detection and characterization of hidden cultural features such as buried underground tanks, pipes, contaminant plumes and landfill boundaries.

* Borehole Geophysical logging operations:- data acquisition, processing, interpretation and completion.

* Mineral Explorations involving:

- Detailed Literature review of existing situations.
- Geological, Geophysical and Geochemical mapping of local and regional structures.