Water Supply

EssBee GeoTechnical Ventures Limited – Water Resources Services

[A] Ground Water Supply:
- planning, design and development
- geophysical investigations and logging
- borehole drilling & completion
- borehole and aquifer analyses
- installation of water extraction systems
- water treatments
- training and operations
- maintenance and monitoring.

[B] Pumping Test Analysis
- aquifer analysis by use of numerous high-demand analytical methods.
- determination of hydraulic properties of the aquifer.
- groundwater 2D & 3D Visualization
- regional groundwater contouring.

[C] Water transmissions, storage and distributions facilities
- planning, design and development
- underground, surface and overhead storage tanks

[D] Agricultural Schemes
- design and construction of Irrigation schemes
- rehabilitation
- training and operations
- maintenance and monitoring.

[E] Water supply designs and modeling.
- Urban, Regional and Agricultural Schemes

[F] Water Resources Management
- watershed modeling and budget analysis.
- source water protection initiatives.
- aquifer system characterization, vulnerability and risk assessments.
- well head protection planning.
- water supply optimization.
- groundwater monitoring network designs.
- real-time data acquisition and management.

[G] Water Resources Monitoring

* Groundwater Monitoring
- placement of optimal number of monitoring and pumping wells.
- determination of  hydraulic properties and yields of aquifers.
- field-scale data collection and aqueous geochemical analysis.
- identifying short-term changes to groundwater flow from pumping, natural recharge and discharge, agricultural and industrial usage.
- isolating impacts to groundwater from contaminants.
- presenting early warning of potential risks and the need for mitigation.
- long-term groundwater monitoring.

* Surface Water Monitoring
- simulate basic or complex hydrodynamic conditions.
- prepare surface water models for analysis and evaluation.
- plan and manage water resources projects.
- produce dimensional surface water models for analysis and evaluation.
- integrate groundwater and surface water models.

[I] Environmental Monitoring
- characterizing significant hydrogeologic features, such as faults, fractures and karsts that influence flow regime.
- simulating saltwater intrusion and deploying mitigation techniques.
- optimizing groundwater remediation systems.
- multilevel groundwater sampling and long-term monitoring.

[K] Water Solutions for Mines
- identifying potential sources of water supplies for ore processing.
- mitigating impacts from acid mine drainage.
- water quality analysis and mapping.
- groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling.
- hydrogeologic impact assessment.

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